Water Filtration

Water Softeners

Treating water with a water softener provides clean, soft water at an economical price. After more than fifteen years of dependable field operation in thousands of installations both nationally and internationally, our patented valve’s sophisticated design has proven to be exceptionally reliable. Our residential and light commercial clients taste, feel, and see the difference while saving money on cleaning products and protection for their water-using appliances.


Whole Home Filtration

WaterMax clean and soft water is just the beginning. Water softeners offer a patented approach to solving your specific water needs. The WaterMax compartment tanks offer flexibility in configuration assuring more usable resin capacity.

Reverse Osmosis

WaterMax is more than just a water softener, it’s a patented whole home water filtration device. With WaterMax clean and soft water is just the beginning. The process of reverse osmosis appears to be complex, but in reality it is a very straightforward process. The Reverse Osmosis uses pressure to force a solution through a membrane, retaining inorganic solids such as salt, while allowing the treated solvent (water) to pass to the other side. The remaining contaminants are then flushed down the drain.


SIX Stage Whole House Water Processing System

This is our state of the art whole house drinking water system and softener. It has six stages of filtration and provides the cleanest water available throughout your home. You get the highest quality water available, employing the most advanced technology in the water filtration industry. You can protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of dermal absorption (through the skin) of contaminants and inhalation in a hot bath or shower.

Compartmentalized for future serviceability!

  1. This unit utilizes a heat and chlorine resistant resin designed specifically for desert climates.
  2. The Quartz under-bedding provides enhanced flow and reduces channeling effects.
  3. Silica filtration added to the under-bedding reduces the amount of sediment and debris down to approximately forty microns.
  4. Electrolytic media is added to create a bacteriostatic environment as well as reduce chlorine content. This media also extends the life of resin & carbon.
  5. Our exclusive blend of three types of Carbon (coconut, coal, catalytic) reduces a wide range of impurities found in our water – chlorine, chloramines, volatile organic compounds, and pesticides to name a few.

  6. NutraHI/NutraLO media assists in adjusting the pH in your water. This media gives itself up only when needed.

SIX Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Our HP GreenPro Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems lead the industry in design and innovative features.The HP GreenPro RO’s six stage system combines the GP50 ultra efficient membrane, along with our exclusive “ICT” protection to deliver clean crisp drinking water to your household for years to come.


1⁄2 micron high capacity prefiltration is key in the protection of our GP50 high efficiency membrane. Higher capacity, high quality filters allow for annual filter changes vs. semi-annual and allows for a membrane warranty six times the national average!


Our encapsulated thin layer composite (TLC) membrane produces 50 GPD of purified water. Double the recovery of standard membranes. Ultra-efficient, filters down to the molecular level to remove total dissolved solids (TDS). Up to 300% more efficient!


“Increased Contact Time” – Our system increases the water contact time with the carbon 60x’s longer than our competitors, resulting in better contaminant reduction.


Five year limited warranty on major components! Built in the Desert for the Desert and our harsh water conditions. Locally manufactured for over 35 years!

Stages of Filtration

1. Sediment Reduction | reduce sediment to 1 micron
2. Ultra 1⁄2 Micron Filtration | 1⁄2 micron carbon filtration has highest chemical adsorption capacity of any similar dimension carbon block filter.
3. Ultra Pre-Filtration | 10 micron carbon filtration for additional protection and chemical absorption
4. Ultra High Performance Membrane | Filters down to the molecular level to remove total dissolved solids and reduce waste.
5. ICT Filtration | “increased contact time” ultimate contaminant reduction, extends the time your water comes in contact with our carbon filter for the maximum protection.
6. Polishing Filter | Water passes through coconut carbon blend flavor filter to deliver the best tasting water